What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or playing Mansion Impossible game!


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  1. For me a home or a car needs just to meet some decent criteria
  2. Not all realtors are the same, just do your research and find the one that works on your behalf


Last year, after 9 years living in the A house (our first house in Canada) I realized that is impossible to find a different home based on my love requirements. He convinced me that the kids will both leave soon, the home is almost paid and it is impossible to find another one with the same price but different requirements. Therefore I started the renovation process: take the wood deck off and replacing it with stone one, eavestrough with gutter guards, new air conditioner, all the windows (with whatever device that I could clean them in and out), kitchen furniture, appliances and a great beautiful granite countertop! Next project was a new bathroom…but I was looking to enjoy my amazing granite, and the time well spent with my boy, which just returned home after 7 years of not living with us!

During September it’s still nice outside, so we loved going for a walk at least every night and we loved to play on our app… checking the price for the new listed house in our area. This is when on a Sunday night we saw a nice house just being listed. Checked the price, and when we came back asked the guy that was placing the sign when I can see the house. “Do you have a realtor?” was his first question. No. Actually why would I need one; I stopped looking for any home a while ago! Since the next day at 5PM he had another two appointments, he agreed to show me the house. I came straight from work, met with my older son and went to see the house. The owner, an old lady was at home. This is how I found out that the house was build by her and the husband and is my age. They emigrated from Germany as kids and her husband was a carpenter! The house, an amazing bungalow, impeccable maintained, with a shed with one level, a nice canopy for my husband’s boat and a big backyard on a cute, quiet street! My love came from work; eat and I took him for a walk! I showed him the house and asked him to see the inside of it the next day. He looked at me and said: no, call the agent and place an offer! I was thinking he was joking….but he did not! I called the agent, placed a really low offer (actually he felt offended, but since he offered to represent me –the mother was the one that listed the house), he told me he will call the women the next day in the morning.

Plan 1: Obviously we were with no bank approval, and didn’t have any hope that such an offer will be accepted, neither were we thinking that we will negotiate.

Remember, the house was on the market for 24 hours! The agent called me on a Tuesday morning and asked if I wanted good news on a Tuesday: I was shocked, but said: yes! “I called her and told that I have an offer but it is really low and she doesn’t have to accept the offer. She did not ask for how much, but said: if it is the women who came with her boy, she is the only one that will love my home like I did for all this years”. I started crying…what could I say…I have to say no, we were not in a position of buying a new one, we just put money on the renovation, and we did that home for us, not to sell it! I told him that I do not have the bank approval and it is so complicated now for us to buy a new home. He told me you have 7 days, it will be under a conditional offer and if it won’t work, it’s fine.

The Mansion Impossible game started! I have to put a deposit that was big. I took all the money my son saved for his apartment, transferred them in our account and took the deposit. I needed approval, and there would be no bank in the world that will approve us for two houses. I had to put the A house on the market, I need an agent to sell my home!

Plan 2: the bank will not approve us and therefore we couldn’t buy  

During my renovation months, I learned you need to do your research and therefore I started my research on real estate life! Read blogs, news about the trend in the real estate market, compared prices with houses like A. For the next seven days, I was delivering everything my mortgage broker asked (bank was not an option) and spent nights until 2am in the morning reading about real estate. The time was ticking and on the Friday night at 8.45PM, just 15 minutes before the closing date the agent called me: can you put the final offer? ‘No, I am so sorry,’ was my answer. ‘My husband’s proof of employment did not come from Ottawa and the broker cannot process the papers. I wish her luck with a new buyer!’

10 minutes after, the agent called back: She asked if giving you another 7 days extension will help you to finalized the papers. I was still in my car, bawling that I lost such a beautiful home built on my birthday! “Thank you, we will try!”

I went back inside the home and told my hubby about the extension. On the next two days the bank approved us for $1.2M. When I saw the amount we got approved, I realized how easy it is to get bankrupt if you are not doing a basic math and feel that just because the bank approved you for such an amount, it doesn’t also mean you should buy a house for that approval amount! Banks win every time. All they care is to check if the house is worth the money, not if you are able to pay that amount!

Plan 3: let’s look for a real estate agent so home A will be sold fast.

During a span of four days, I rented a container, brought the container on the driveway, packed 75% from the home and put inside the container, sent the container to the warehouse for two months and delivered whenever the closing date was on the address of home B. Talking about the closing date, the woman was moving in a retirement home and therefore the date was really close. I asked her to move the date to November 14. The agent looked at me and asked: ‘it’s in the middle of the week?!’ I replied: ‘I could care less; it’s my wedding day, every year I must celebrate!’ I am sure he was thinking that I am “cucu” overall or maybe I am doing some magic since everything was working on my side. He asked, and the date was changed!

In less than a week, home A was ready to go on the market, but did I have an agent? NO! I have to say that the dynamic is totally different when you are coming from renting to owing and from owing to owing. Some of my friends told me to sell on ComFree, some told me to take the agent I bought the house with (he will give you the best commission, you gave him a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing!).

During my reading week in the life of a realtor… I read too many horror stories! I am telling you, I am not alone in this!

  1. The agents commission overall could go from 3- 6% (remember, in Canada as a seller you pay both agents) just 0.5% could make a big difference.
  2. If the buyer agent commission is too low, the buyer agent will not show the house.
  3. It’s important for your agent to list the house with different boards.

You wonder…is this true? How you can ask from 3 to double? In my area, there are 100 houses for sale and at least 1000 realtors registered. Can they afford to be so picky? O God, yes, they do! I am working full time, my life is packed and I was not in my best time to be able to sell the house on ComFree!

I first called the agent that just made a few days ago, in less than 24 hours without doing much, 18,000cad plus HST just on his part! I asked him what is his commission, taking in consideration that I gave him business by just tapping him on the shoulder. Such an attitude, he was a completely changed person, in less than a week, not interested to go down any percentage! And by the way, he was totally unprofessional, as he kept sending me emails and inquiring constantly during selling time. I was angry, but moved to the second one!

I was thinking, let ‘s give business to a Romanian! I have few realtors just on my Facebook contacts. No one close to 4%…and I got another type of attitude:

  • If you had a house over a million, I might go with 3% (like- I am not wasting my time if I am not making at least 100.000cad/house
  • I don’t talk commission over the phone, we will meet and I will show you what I will do for my commission
  • Yes, we can talk about this but I will come and see you next week during morning, I am not driving during rush hours, I am not wasting my time on the HWY

This was already the fourth one! I was just tired and so frustrated! It was a beautiful Canadian fall day, while I was staying in my backyard and thinking, maybe I am in the wrong career!!! For the one that know me, I will not give up so easy! I said bye to the Romanian realtors and go for the Canadian that found the home A, ten years ago for us, exactly in the location we were looking under the price brackets we had.

It was Saturday around 7PM. He lived in Burlington, so in less than 30 minutes, he was at our home. He accepted the commission we offered and the papers got signed. In a few days, the house was on the market. A week after the house was put on the market and after the first open house, he had a hart attack and he was in hospital! I was devastated….each day for me was making an impact on the possibility to pay for the home B.

I started blaming myself :

  • Why I pushed so much to buy the home
  • What if I can’t sell the home
  • How I can make the payments if the new mortgage will kicked in

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t talk with my husband about this since I felt so guilty and on top of everything, my son had ZERO dollars in his account…without a job…without an apartment on his own. I felt horrible…and I realized that I have to change the realtor (my realtor was still in the hospital). I felt bad for him, but also felt bad for myself; I needed to sell my home.

I found HER or did SHE find me…karma just karma, believe it or not, is what brought Daniela Bordac to be connected with me. I told her the entire story and she jumped in to help me. Next morning, we got a new sign, with the face of a new realtor on my lawn! No too many questions asked!!!

I started not feeling well, but I never pay attention and I am not stuck in bed for any reason in general! I did not talk with anyone, especially with my in-house doctor about the fact that I can’t eat anything, no appétit and lost in four days, over 10 pounds. I called my family doctor. In 15 years I didn’t call her for almost anything, she asked me to go right away to a lab to do some test. She sent the requisition, I went, and before lunch I got a call…

  • Where are you?
  • At work?
  • You are going now to a pharmacy and take the medication prescribed, you have 24 hours to kill the bacteria or you are dead.

In my career, I never missed a day from work or from school. Do not lie, I missed just one day from work, the Friday I delivered Andrei and on Monday I went back to school. I was still thinking that this is a joke on behalf of the doctor to scare me…and I messaged my husband …”if you were not aware, you married a difficult wife, but now it’s official I am C-dificile”…he called me, demanded me to go home and he took the first train home from Toronto. Yes, my doctor was so correct…I started taking the medication and over the 24 hours, I was in and out…talking with my husband what I want him to do if I will die! He told me plain and simple: in my entire career I never lost one patient I will not lose my wife! He was watching me minute by minute the entire night until morning, I wasn’t willing to go to the hospital as I read that in 88% of the situations, patient that are hospitalized died because the immune system is so low that it can’t fight anymore! But, I survived!!! I was out of work for a few days, and on a positive note, I lost over 25 pounds just in time for my big 50!

It was already November, I was already in the possession of my new home and with Daniela the one and only hope I have to help me selling the house. I was honest with her what I believed in doing, in terms of selling techniques, and what I thought was just real estate bulshit (excuse my language)! She was open with me as well, and we felt the connection from the first second! The first thought she told me: ‘Gabi, each house has a buyer!’ And she was so right! We worked as a team during all this time and this is why I appreciated the most from her. Whenever she wants me to do something, she has a way of telling me that I will never feel pushed or forced on doing, and she never argued if I said no. I told her that I do not believe in Open Houses! Who wants to see the house will come anytime! I told her, from my side, she doesn’t have to do it! Who doesn’t want to stay home Saturday or Sunday from 2-4PM, but she didn’t use the opportunity, she did it by the book, even on Sundays when she couldn’t come she sent someone else, another agent. I appreciated so much that she went above and beyond in doing everything she supposed to do in selling a house. She was available 24/7. She knew how sick I was and close to dying, so I felt so relived on having her as an agent. I trusted her as my sister and soon I realized that I was so emotionally invested in our first home in Canada that I couldn’t let her go!

You see, and agent, one that is working for you not for his commission is telling you things that you don’t want to accept because it’s your HOME and it’s like your KID, you don’t want to listen to what people say about your own child! The Christmas was coming and we decided that for this time we would take the house from the market and put it back few days after New Year! I did not have a contract with Daniela during that time and I could easily try someone else on January, as people started finding out about my problem, but I will never let her for another agent. It’s like cheating! If you are happy in a relation you are not cheating, correct?

The house was back on the market and visitations started pouring in. In average 3-4 per day…it was so crazy. In a crazy freezing rain day she was 60 km away from my city and she got a call from a family that wanted to see the house. The agent was from Toronto (and not interested to show them a house in such a horrible weather- talking about other types of agents) Next day, it was the open house but they told her they can’t come. She called me, and asked to leave since she is coming to show them the house. I told her that she doesn’t have to, it’s to dangerous on driving, they will understand, and if they want to see the house they will come next day during the open house or any day with the agent they have. She said: It’s not about them, its’ about you. What if they will put an offer and we will lose it? How do we know?’

She did the other agent’s job without having to just because she was here to make the impossible possible! This is what will make a difference!

Guess what, the next day, during the open house, the guy’s parents came to see the house as well without saying who they are. They just pretended they saw the sign for the open house. But they spent so much time that made Daniela wonder and she realized that the man look so similar with someone else. It was obviously his dad! Calmly, she looked at me, with a big smile on her face: ‘Yes, is not normal what they are doing, but I am here to sell the house not to make this difficult or impossible!’

And guess what…they did put an offer with all the conditions in the world, but Daniela navigated nicely and negotiated everything for us! Daniela is my real estate agent, now she is my friend and I am proud to say she is Romanian! You deserve more than a prize in customer service! You rock girl! THANK YOU!

Yes, it’s true that each house has a buyer! Yes, it’s true that it is complicated to detach emotionally from your belongings, but the agent needs to navigate with you and let you understand the reality, and allow you to detach! But it is not true that each realtor is the same! And unfortunately, as my story proves in at least six other instances, too many agents are not working on the client’s behalf! I am felling like that karma brought you in my life as chosen realtor agent! Lucky to have found you!



IA ca simbol de tara, motiv de sarbatoare pentru romanii din lume!#sapunemromaniapeharta


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Evenimentul pe care de ceva ani buni il sarbatorim si in Canada – Ziua IEI este însoţit de o serie de tradiţii legate de aceasta zi de 24 Iunie, ca dragoste, sănătate, bunăstare şi fertilitate. Drăgaica sau Sanzienele este o sarbatoare romaneasca care nu intamplator a fost aleasa si ca zi de sarbatoare a bluzei costumului traditional romanesc.


Sărbătoarea este una cu totul specială şi ţine o noapte şi o zi, iar Noaptea de Sânziene (23-24 iunie) este una magică! Tradiţia spune că Sanzienele sunt florile solstiţiului de vară, iubitoare de soare, flori de câmp, galbene-aurii, pline de polen, cu miros puternic de fân şi a miere. Ele nu sunt numai flori, in traditia populară, Sânzienele sunt şi nişte făpturi ireale, fantastice, albe, frumoase, binefăcătoare. bluxa

Am incercat in acest an sa organizam ceva deosebit de Ziua Iei, ceva care sa ne puna pe harta Canadei si ceva care sa ne faca, ca de fiecare data dealtfel, mandri ca suntem romani, pentru ca avem de ce! Asa, dupa ceva aplicatii si multiple “admistrative loops” -cum spun canadienii, am reusit sa punem acest eveniment pe site-ul oficial de evenimente care sarbatoresc -CANADA 150- de ani!Canada 150

Suntem niste minti creative si talentate iar atunci cand avem o idee nu ne opreste nimeni sa o punem in actiune! Ne trebuia anul acesta un eveniment care sa vorbeasca Canadei despre noi, despre traditia si cultura atat de bogata romaneasca. In acelasi timp trebuia creat un eveniment in care canadienii sa doreasca sa participe alaturi de noi! zumba

Alina Stefan Zumba a creat regia acestei ore de dans pe muzica traditionala romaneasca si a avut alaturi de ea cateva romance inimoase care au participat la repetitii ca sa putem sa oferim un spectacol la care sa se participe, dar sa se si stea pe marigine si admira la nevoie. Ceea ce s-a si intamplat!Alina Stefan Zumba

Am umplut parcul de frumusetea cultural romaneasca, si da, avem nevoie de mai multa expunere ca am fost intrebati daca suntem ….polonezi…rusi…sau orice alta natie dar nimeni nu a intrebat daca suntem romani. Motto-ul nostru ar trebuie sa fie la fiecare eveniment…#sapunemromaniapeharta!ciobanu

Si ca sa stiti ca noi aici nu pierdem o secunda sa punem Romania pe harta, evenimentul l-am deschis cu un imn compus pentru Canada 150, de un roman caruia ii dorim din suflet sa ajunga numarul unu, noi o sa il cantam cu mare bucurie – LONG LIVE CANADA- si tu alaturi de ea Gilmar Oprisan!Long Live Canada by Gilmar

Am incheiat un alt capitol din povestea IEI 2017, cu un om minunat, un suflet de roman care nu numai ca participa neconditionat la orice eveniment romanesc, dar alearga dintr-un colt in altul al provinciei ca toata lumea sa poata avea o bucatica din talentul lui. Vasile Simion Ciobanu este un roman care ne reprezinta pe scena – Guelph Symphony Orchestra – si daca intrati pe pagina oficiala aveti ocazia sa il vedeti in fiecare concert, performand cu o bucurie care ne umple sufletele de fiecare data cand il ascultam. A venit sa cante, in fata primarie din Burlington, sub adierea vantului care misca linistit frumosul tezaur romanesc expus spre bucuria privitorului, melodii care ne-au smuls cu usurinta lacrimile si ne-au imbiat la a ne prinde in hora romaneasca. Vasile Simon Ciobanu

Evenimente de asa o factura si oferite gratis, nu le poti faca decat daca undeva, acolo, fara sa se vada sau auda cineva te suporta financiar. Un copil minunat, Biliana Dib, nu a ezitat nici o secunda cand a spus DA! Spun un copil minunat desi ea acum este o stimabila doamna, deorece pentru noi este acelasi copil timid pe care l-am cunoscut la putin dupa venirea ei in Canada! Asta ne arata ca desi, venita crescuta in Canada  si departe de mult timp de putina expunere care a avut-o la cultura Romaniei, Biliana Dib nu precupeteste nici un efort pentru a face cunoscute minunatiile culturale romanesti.Biliana Dibia

Din pacate nu sunt suficiente cuvinte care sa reprezinte pe deplin acest mare MULTUMSEC pe care il adresam tuturor care au facut posibil acest eveniment! In Canada anului 2017, in orasul Burlington regiunea Halton din provincia Ontario. Si va lasam sa va delectati doar cu o bucatica din asa o minunatie: an amazing piece







Ingeri pazitori si ingeri cu aripi frante


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Poza aceasta surprinde 2 ingeri – unul este de ieri noapte in ceruri, celuilalt i s-au frant aripioarele si inca nu stie. Pentru povestea de mai jos veti avea nevoie de servetele pentru ca va fi imposibil sa le aflati suferinta fara sa varsati o lacrima.

Ioana avea 37 de ani cand a fost diagnosticata cu cancer – in Septembrie 2016, doar cu cateva zile inainte de a imigra in Canada. Desi devastati, Ioana si sotul ei, Gligor, au pornit intr-o altfel de calatorie decat programasera – una care sperau ca le va aduce bucuria vindecarii Ioanei… nu a fost sa fie. Dumnezeu avea alte planuri pentru Ioana, unele pe care noi nu le vom putea intelege… cel putin nu in viata noastra pamanteasca.

Cum sa intelegi de ce o mamica tanara, frumoasa si fericita trebuie sa plece de langa micuta ei atat de devreme? Chloe are 1 anisor si 5 luni – nu intelege ce se intampla, insa ii va lipsi cu siguranta mamica ei… mangaierea,  mirosul, imbratisarea, pupicul de “noapte buna”, tot cee ace insemna MAMA pentru ea.

In ciuda luptei indarjite pentru viata pe care Ioana a dus- o alaturi de Gligor si de echipa de medici de la Spitalul Princess Margaret, sufletul ei a mers catre ceruri si de acolo o va veghea mereu pe Chloe.

ioana 2

Gligor si Chloe se vor intoarce in Romania, iar pe Ioana o vor inmormanta tot acolo. Vorbim de o familie de romani care a venit acum sapte luni, primele trei luni fara ocperire medicala, nu mai vorbim de cautat service. Cum sa iti cauti servici cand viata ta sta intre ingrijirea unui copil de un anisor si drumuri nesfarsite catre spitale. Ce lupta, ce disperare si ce final tragic.   Cheltuielile avute de familie pana acum si cele ce vor urma cu plecarea inspre Romania sunt exorbitante.

Familia nostra de aici suntem noi, comunitatea romaneasca, romani care suntem alaturi si la bine si la rau. Pentru a-l ajuta pe Gligor sa treaca peste acest moment ingrozitor de dificil, s-a  initiat o actiune de donatii.

Folositi orice metoda de mai jos:

Interac e-Transfer
Adresa email: groza_g@yahoo.com
Parola: Ioana
Instructiuni pentru transfer puteti gasi la adresa:
Depuneri in contul bancar:
Royal Bank:
Transit Institution Account
05282 003 5245352
Banii nu pot cumpara nici sanatate si nici nu pot alina suferinta, dar macar stim ca am putut ridica un pic din greutatea financiara care apasa aceste suflete atat de greu incercate. RIP Ioana, si de acolo de sus trimite gandul tau bun catre aceste suflete indurerate!

Thanks for all your support! RE: A Romanian journalist’s thoughts why you should vote for me.


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magda 1Magdalena Manea (Ionescu) is a Romanian journalist and writer who immigrated to Canada in 1998. Under her record of achievement, she has multiple books that I hope will be translated into English one day, and a long history of journalism transmissions, ranging from correspondences from Sarajevo/Yugoslavia during the war, to Romanian breaking news. Magdalena, in an effort to help me win the “ Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award” http://rbctop25.com/ wrote on her blog “Foaie de drum lung” (which translates roughly to: “A testament for the long run”). This is a short story about my experience helping advance Canadian multiculturalism. It’s a big honour to have this opportunity so I felt I should have it translated and shared. Thank you so much, Magdalena!


Canadian multiculturalism is the result of one of the most advanced social projects of modern times. In Ontario, the project was first started almost 70 years ago by Johnny Lombardo, an Italian-Canadian born on December 4th, 1915 in Little Italy (South of Toronto). Lombardi, as the son of immigrant parents without much education, understood the set of complex factors his family went through in order to adapt, to make Canada feel like home, and to embrace a new lifestyle. Leading with a great vision and equipped with charisma and intelligence, Lombardi developed and painted the initial contours for a diversity concept in Canada. He first materialized this by initiating a radio station that was completely multicultural (CHUM FM), based in Toronto.

Later, about 30 ethnic groups joined forces, and today, many diversity and multiculturalism concepts are closely associated with Lombardi’s vision. Through much hardship, under reluctance and fear, navigating the discomfort and often mistrust of locals in the newcomers at the time, Lombardi stuck to his vision. You can find out more about the birth of multiculturalism in Ontario on Wikipedia. Diversity, much like democracy, are responses to our evolution and consequently, our desire for modernity. They do not always come as natural responses, but often, are imposed as a society progresses. As a result, more often than not, they remain fragile concepts. I started this story sharing Lombardi’s tale because of today, at almost over twenty years of Romanian immigration after the fall of communism in 1989, we find ourselves in a community built by passionate individuals who are always striving to advance multiculturalism efforts throughout the country.

gabiI am talking about Gabriela Covaci, a proud Canadian of Romanian background, who immigrated to Canada in 2003 together with her family. I always say: Gabriela is one of those people blessed with having over 40 hours in a day! I don’t understand, how else, she manages to be a mother, wife, full-time employee with a packed agenda, and get involved in a myriad of social activities. Gabi works together with children part of the Romanian school; she dances and paints with them and engages them in all kinds of activities and lessons; she works tirelessly with community partners to enhance the wellbeing and integration of newcomers; she plans, leads and implements an impressive list of community events; she was named Romanian Community Ambassador; and most recently, due to her tireless and humble involvement, she was nominated as one of RBC’s Top 25 Immigrants, an impressive award celebrating the achievements of Canadian newcomers. I’m asking you today to continue celebrating the good work Canadian immigrants are doing in this country by voting for Gabriela.

Vote here: http://rbctop25.com/


Leading with much integrity, Gabriela is someone ready to engage and represent. She might not know all of you; you can get to know her by clicking on her Facebook profile or visiting the contest page. However, she is always present, committed not only to better her own community, but that of others. She is always there for anyone who needs assistance, both in her professional and personal life, striving to make newcomers’ voices heard, offering help when needed. Away from the negativity of our currently world, away from webs of pride and vanity, Gabriela Covaci, with tenacity and a zeal for life, strives to place Romanians on the ethnic map of Canada, strives to show the world, Romanians are there not only for each other, but ready to help anyone else. I ask you to join me in supporting Gabriela Covaci. I thank you all. Much success Gabriela, I’m rooting for you!


And the original BLOG POSTING:



For EMMA with LOVE!

If you remember Emma, she is our beautiful girl that we prayed for her during summer and raise funds during International Kids Day . Emma was not with us during that event but her family came to tell us Emma story! We are happy 😊 to say that you are doing great 👍 and your community is looking forward to come and celebrate 🎉 with us this summer! Emma we love ❤️ you and we can’t stop thinking when we will receive the first invitation for your dance show! You are such an inspiration! Claudia Ardeleanyou are an amazing 😉 Mommy!

Please read her story from her best friend blog:Emma Maria


Giving Back…A da inapoi!


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La sfarsit de an se fac bilanturi si la inceput de an facem planuri cu ce o sa facem in noul an. Noi, grupul de mame, care oficial pe hartie ne numim – Consiliul de Conducere al acestei organizatii- nu ne facem planuri pentru anul care va veni si nici bilanturi la ce am realizat in anul care a trecut pentru ca intotdeauna, cu certitudine, depasim cu mult orice am preconizat.


Am invatat multe de la societatea canadiana, si daca ne uitam inapoi la 2016, acest an a fost anul in care …GIVING BACK…ar fi cuvintele care l-au marcat. Inca nu am gasit doua cuvinte care sa aiba greutatea acestor doua cuvinte din limba engleza. In romaneste conotatia cuvintelor – “daruieste inapoi” nu au greutatea pe care le au cele doua cuvinte din engleza. A da inapoi nu inseamna a fi un filantropist asa cum sa fii credincios nu inseamna sa mergi la biserica.

Pentru ca acest …giving back…in Canada se invata de mic asa cum se invata ca trebuie sa reciclam gunoiul pentru ca daca nu il reciclam o sa murim intr-o zi inecati in el! Asa cum la scoala nu se cer bani pentru fondul scolii ci iti cer (daca doresti) sa iti aduca ei un pranz cald copilului decat sa ii dai tu un sandwich rece iar ei prin asta strang bani la fondul scolii. Asa cum de ziua colegei tale de serviciu ea iti cere in loc de cadouri sa donezi bani la nu stiu ce societate care a ajutat-o pe ea sau pe cineva din familia ei. Si lista aceasta nu se termina curand. Dar titlul nu a fost ales cu intentia de a arata ce inseamna “giving back” pentru societatea canadiana, ci a fost ales ca o reflectie la ceea ce noi am …dat inapoi ca si organizatie in anul care a trecut. Desi nu este primul an in care am daruit inapoi, in 2016 am trecut la o noua etapa si ne-am intrebat : a da inapoi este necesar, dar este oare suficient?


Nevoi sunt peste tot, in Romania si in Canada deopotriva, dar pentru ca sufletul nostru simte romaneste, mereu ne indreptam catre cei de acasa. Ne indreptam apoi gandul catre oameni pe care ii stim, de acolo de acasa, si care au incercat si ei sa ajute in masura posibilitatilor. Anul acesta,  Laura Moraru a venit cu numele unei fundatii si ideea de a trimite la ” Inima de Copil” niste mici cadouri de Craciun. Apoi, am zis ca ar fi frumos ca aceste cadouri sa fie personalizate, sa stim unde la trimitem ca sa trimitem impreuna cu darul si o felicitare. Si am primit o lista cu 40 de nume de copilasi minunati… am dat veste in tara…iar voi, comunitate minunata romanesca din Canada ati raspuns atat de rapid ca am ajuns la peste 50 de cutii in cateva zile. Casa Laurei a devenit  un depozit de cutii. Masina lui Laurentiu Muntean a devenit un mic camion iar Cargo Romania a avut grija ca ele sa ajunga pana in Craciun la cei mici.


Toate acestea in mai putin de o saptamana! Si nu numai atat…noi ne-am oprit dar voi nu ati vrut sa faceti asta. Si ati tot strigat pe email si in social media…SI NOI…SI NOI vrem sa ajutam.  Mihaela Vidicanatunci ne-a mai povestit de un grup de copilasi pe care ii putem ajuta. Din Galati am urcat catre Sacele si am ajutat o profesoara ( mai mult mama si apoi profesoara pentru ei Lucia Hilodi) sa faca un lucru nemaipomenit – sa organizeze nu numai o mica petrecere de Craciun pentru ei dar sa ii duca in excurise. Va imaginati bucuria pe care au avut-o cand au aflat ca PENTRU PRIMA DATA in viata lor merg undeva in afara orasului/satului in care s-au nascut. 

Daca ar fi sa numaram inimoarele pe care le-ati facut fericite de CRACIUNUL anului 2016, am putea spune ca am trecut de 100, si asta numai datorita voua!

Da, noi credem ca din putinul care il avem trebuie sa dam inapoi asa cum credem ca a da inapoi este necesar, dar pentru  a face sa fie suficient trebuie sa mergi un pic mai departe.

Pentru 2017 sa aveti o singura dorinta…sa faceti lumea mai buna chiar si daca doar cu un singur zambet, chiar si cu un mic gest de empatie… Sa pastram in 2017 doar ganduri positive si sa raspandim lumina, speranta si bucurie pentru ca este nevoie ca in singur om sa se schimbe pentru a schimba in jurul lui mii… si daca in singur om poate face aceasta, ganditi-va cate poate face o intreaga comunitate unita si hotarata…

Anul nou sa fie asemeni sufletului vostru si sa aveti parte de tot ce este mai frumos!




Sarbatorim Romania aici la Noi Acasa!


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In fiecare an, printre alte evenimente minunate, romanesti pe care le organizam aici in Canada, departe de tara, se inscrie si sarbatorirea Zilei Romaniei. Anul acesta titlul acestei sarbatori a fost “Sarbatorim Romania aici la Noi Acasa” dar cu aceleasi traditii de…acasa…acolo unde ne-am nascut. Primiti cu paine si sare… “Marea familie de 200.000 de reprezentanti ai comunitatii de romani din Ontario a fost invitata la un eveniment extraordinar inchinat Zilei Nationale a Romaniei, in orasul Milton. Titlul spectacolului de doua ore a fost simbolic. Romania este aici la noi in Canada, pentru ca fiecare dintre noi am adus in zestrea noastra spirituala dorul de tara, cintecul, pasii de dans, un fluier ascuns intr-un colt de bagaj, o reteta de bucate de la bunica, niste fotografii cu cei de acasa, o bluza romanesca.
Spectacolul a fost organizat in timp record prin munca voluntara a zeci de persoane implicate, care si-au pus umarul, sufletul si mintea la contributie. A fost o seara cum nu s-a mai intimplat niciodata in Canada, in care am mincat un meniu romanesc ca la « mama acasa » ciorba taraneasca de  vacuta cu smintina, ardei iuti, ceafa de porc cu muraturi. A fost o seara exuberanta in care publicul si-a exprimat mindria de a fii roman.
Localul in care a fost organizata seara culturala a fost neincapator gazduind romani cu » sufletul in trei culori » din mai multe colturi ale provinciei Ontario: Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener, Milton, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, etc.
Am dovedit inca o data deviza patriotica ca «  o comunitate puternica este o comunitate unita »  A fost un tsunami de dragoste si apreciere pentru Romania, oamenii venind imbracati in costume nationale, unii cu tricolorul, o cravata, o insigna, un tricou, sala fiind decorata in culorile vii si stralucitoare ale steagului national.
Numai Mircea Iliescu, de la ConnexRo Entertainement poate organiza si anima o petrecere adevarat romaneasca, cu prezenta lui scenica, cu vocea calda, cu usurinta de a se adresa publicului.
A fost un moment emotianant, cu lacrimi in ochi cind am cintat cu totii imnul Romaniei. Oaspetii au fost intimpinati cu piine si sare. A fost prezenti reprezentantii Consulatului Romaniei de la Toronto dl Doru Liciu, Bogdan si Adela Chitu.
Multi copii, de virste diferite, pui de romani au dansat romaneste, au fost imbracati de parinti in straie nationale, cusute de miini dibace de bunici care ofteaza dupa ei. Printre ei s-au remarcat dansatorii de la RoCaTeach, al carui fondator este Gabriela Covaci. Imnurile celor doua tari au fost interpretate de Bianca Huma.Scoala de Limba Romana Burlington/Oakville
Evenimentul de exceptie a fost organizat de asociatia ARTA, Mircea Iliescu, Gabriela Covaci (RoCateach Canada) si Liviu Bejan, trasformindu-se intr-un «adevarat un mini festival al dansului, portului si spiritului roamnesc », cum a afirmat Mircea Iliescu, unul dintre orgnizatori.
Afisul evenimentul, o opera de arta a fost creat de talentatul graphic designer si fotograf Daniel Predoi.
Emilia Nechita emilai-cu-copiide la Libelula arts &entertainment a deschis programul artistic cu citeva cuvinte intelepte si s-a ocupat de cei mici care au avut partyul lor privat.Teatrul Libelula
Printre cei care au venit sa participe la acest eveniment si sa impartaseasca cu noi talentele lor a fost Ansamblul Moldovioara din Toronto, infiintat in 2015, format din noua dansatoare pline de viata, originare din Chisinau. Alaturi de ele a cintat si Tatiana Drozdova impreuna cu fiica ei.
Orchestra Martisor, dirijata de profesorul Ion Damian exista de 12 ani la liceul Waterloo Collegiate Institute si este o rasfatata a festivalurilor multiculturale sau evenimente din comunitatea romaneasca, fiind formata din elevi de diferite nationalitati care cinta bucati muzicale romanesti. 
Impreuna cu orchestra fost si grupul Muzidava, dirijat tot de Ion Damian, cu un manunchi de voici de aur care perpetuaza muzica traditionala romaneasca asa cum se cinta ea pe la sezatori sau la horele din satele noastre.
Ansamblul de dansatori ARTA prezenti si ei la nenumarate festivaluri si evenimente a fost  infiintat pe 2 martie 2008 ca fiind parte din ARTA.  Dansatorii au primit din partea fondatiei Trillium bani pentru a achizitiona doua seturi de costume din zona Transilvania si Banat. Prin intermediul dansurilor si a participarii lor pe scena, dansatorii ARTA  promoveaza frumusetea culturii, muzicii si dansului romanesc in Canada.
O alta trupa de dans indragita de publicul din diaspora canadiana este Hi-Trend infiintata in 2009 la Kitchener-Waterloo care s-a remarcat de-a lungul anilor printr-un portfoliu variat, costume unice si o coreografie originara de muzica folk, etno, moderna.
Spectacolul a luat sfirsit cu cele doua suite de dansuri din Fagaras interpretate de echipa de dansuri Doina din Hamilton.
Dansul a debutat cu intrarea pe scena a formatiei Terra, care are o lunga si bogata cariera muzicala incepind in Romania acum de mai bine de 30 de ani. De la sosirea lor in Canada in 1996 Terra continuat sa incinte publicul romanesc cu fiecare aparitie la evenimente culturale si comunitare.
Paul Panait, un celebru cintaret roman, fost component al troupe Gaz pe Foc, a facut furori pe scena de la Milton. Seara de dans s-a terminat in zori, la cintecul cocosilor.
A fost o zi a bucuriei, plina de momente autentice romanesti cu toate simbolurile acestui eveniment festiv.” Paulina Popescu

Read more: http://jurnalulbucurestiului.ro/corespondenta-din-canada-sarbatorim-romania-aici-la-noi-acasa/#ixzz4TU3DLNQL

Libelulelor…YOU ROCK!


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Noi, cei din zona Halton-Hamilton,romani cu copilasi mai mici sau mari din 2003 pana acum am avut ocazia sa vedem trupe de papusari care mai de care mai diferite. Au venit din Montreal ba chiar si din Romania, eu venit profesori universitari din Elvetia sau papusari din Republica Moldova! Da…au venit…au jucat…si au plecat!

Ca acum, atat de norocosi sa ii avem aici pe ai nostri pe astia atat de profesionisti, parca nu am fost niciodata. Si spunea Magdalena Manea, intr-o postare de a ei ca suntem undeva la 25, 000 de romani prin zona, si ma intreb cati din acestia au avut ocazia sa vada acest Teatrul de Papusi Libelula-al nostru si numai al nostru- aici la prima piesa (Croitorasul cel Viteaz) sau la a doua piesa (Hansel si Gretel)? Poate Emilia Nechita, aceasta Libelula …tacuta…dar al naibii de desteapta in ale artei, care parca mereu are cuvintele undeva la ea in buzunar, poate sa ne spuna. Dragilor noi va spunem ceva, noi simtim ca va veni ziua in care, o sa ajungem sa platim …convention fee…cam cat platim acum pe un bilet de intrare ca sa o vedem jucand.

La incheiere de stagiune teatrala, va lasam sa cititi marturia unei jurnaliste profesioniste:

Povestea- liantul comunitar

Multumim Emilia pentru asa o regie si multumim Magdalena ca ne-ai permis sa iti copy/paste vorbele, dar cu creditul de rigoare! JOS PALARIA si din pacate JOS CORTINA!



Despre Halloween cu Teatrul Libelula in trenurile anilor 1916 in Canada!


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Un Halloween de succes!

profil1Cum orice vrajitoare de succes, dupa Halloween se transforma pentru o zidoua in fantoma (5 ore de prestatie in care sa nu iesi din personaj echivaleaza cu vreo 30-40 de ore de fitness, da’ nu’s de ce de la asta cu personaj nu se slabeste, da’ asta e alta discutie 😦… 

…mi-am redevenit acum:) cat sa pot sa va adresez cu toata puterea mea, un mare MULTUMESC!

Tie, Gabriela Covaci, care dincolo de faptul ca m-ai urcat in trenul proiectelor tale, stii mereu sa spui multumesc intr-un mod in care eu mai mult de un desen cu o inima nici ca pot spune caci ma simt mereu coplesita… dumneavoastra tuturor celor care ati ales sa petreceti in trenul nostru de poveste la cel mai dulce bal costumat de Halloween si care mai apoi v-ati facut timp si ati ales vorbe potrivite sa ne multumiti (conteaza enorm pentru un artist sa stie ca ceea ce a facut e apreciat si binevenit) …. Moxx Photography (moxx.ca) care ai dat chip digital evenimentului cu niste fotografii uluitoare … dragilor mei Libeluli fara de care intamplarea n-ar fi putut avea loc oricat de perfect as fi imaginat-o: Dan Boghiu (Nenea Conductoru’), Carmen Iacob siAnca Popescu (vrajitoarele dragi de la Happy Wizzards), Florentina Uzumtoma si Mihaela Boghiu (vrajitorita si subreta nazdravanilor Happy Pumpkins) Vera Vera Veronica Lupu si Theodora Lupu Teo Teo (printesele cu pensule vrajite), Relu Pene (decorator, supraveghetor pitici, purtator de aparat foto – ca poze oricum nu a mai apucat sa realizeze pentru ca are o nevasta agitata, o vrajitoare, care il trimetea cand ici si cand colea:).
Va multumesc!


P.S. aseara la ceas tarziu spre noapte am primit acest mesaj…

img_1621Buna seara Emilia!
Prin acest scurt mesaj vrem sa va exprimam multumirea, respectul si admiratia noastra tie si intregei echipe pentru munca, dedicatia, nebunia si veselia pe care o impartasiti cu noi, inclusiv ultima sarbatoarea – cea de Halloween! A fost ffff frumos si vesel!!! Merci de risul cu pofta si din inima, revenirea in copilarie, cind uitam de rutina si griji cotidiene – avem nevoie de asa terapii macar din cind in cind!

In asteptarea urmatoarelor trasnai si aventuri,
Cu adinc respect,
Familia V-P

A consemnat pentru noi….Vrajitoarea Regizor Sef…aka Emilia Nechita ( Teatrul de Papusi Libelula).

Scumpi la vorba, iuti la fapta…


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Am fost cam tacuti in ultima vreme… nu pentru ca nu am fi avut ceva de spus, ci pentru ca am inceput sa tacem si sa le coacem… pe ele, IDEILE… care, la Profa de “Daca Vrei, Poti” sunt TARE MULTE…

Vacanta s-a dus, vara s-a terminat si ea, dupa tabara de vara ne-am cam bosumflat… pentru ca ne cam invatasem cu Diana, Profa de Romana. In prima editie a taberei, Madalina, “Profa de Fun” ne-a invatat sa ne jucam “as manca o portocala”, “tara, tara vrem ostasi”, “flori, fete, filme sau baieti, cantareti sau orice vreti”, “telefonul fara fir”, “ratele si vanatorii” si alte jocuri ale “Generatiei cu cheia de gat”. Cand am intalnit-o pe DianaManole, la a doua editie a taberei, anul acesta, ne-am cam speriat – Diana ne-a pus la treaba ca o profa de Limba Romana  ce este ea.  Si, desi ne-a fost clar ca nu e de joaca atunci cand vine vorba de Limba Romana, Diana ne-a invatat foarte multe prin joc. Am facut campionat de FAZAN in limba romana, am invatat despre diverse animale si despre onomatopeele care sunt associate cu ele, ca doar si animalutele vorbesc fiecare pe limba lor… si, culmea!, limba lor e diferita in romana fata de engleza ca doar catelul nu face “ham!” decat in romana, in engleza face “wof!”. Ne-a invatat Diana si despre legume, despre fructe, despre emotii… am jucat mici scenete in care aveam roluri foarte hazlii… de exemplu: rosie furioasa, lamaie vesela, cartof trist, ridiche zambareata, ceapa agitata sau usturoi plangacios. Ne lipseste Diana, care, desi ne-a pus sa scriem romaneste pagini intregi, ne-a invatat sa vorbim romaneste intr-un mod foarte amuzant.


Acum, ca vara s-a dus si “a venit, a venit toamnaaaa”, am inceput cursurile la scoala de limba romana.  Tot pe grupe de varsta, ca in anii precedenti, tot la Scoala de Limba Romana Oakville/Burlington, tot cu profele noastre dragi si tot la West Oak Public School, 2071 Fourth Line, Oakville, L6M 3K1 sambata de la 9.30-12. Scoala Limba RomanaInca mai facem inscrieri, asa ca daca va grabiti, prindeti toate activitatile haioase pe care le organizam inca de la inceput de an scolar.


Si, ca veni vorba de activitati, mi-am amintit de Club. Clubul Copiilor isi deschide iarasi usile pentru anul scolar 2016-2017. Ne vom intalni la inaugurare (a treia editie, apropo), pe 14 Octombrie la ora 19. Acelasi loc, aceleasi ore, aceleasi profe, alte surprize si multi prieteni noi. Va asteptam cu drag pentru a va prezenta propunerile noastre pentru cluburile de anul acesta. Profa de “Daca Vrei Poti”, cum spuneam, e plina de idei asa cum o stiti. Nici nu am inaugurat deschiderea oficiala a Clubului, ca ea déjà a pus la cale un eveniment. Ca in fiecare an, sarbatorim Halloween-ul intr-un mod inedit. La ce s-a gandit profa anul acesta? Pai… nici mai mult nici mai putin decat asta – a inchiriat 2 trenuri “bantuite” si a pus la cale impreuna cu Teatrul de Papusi Libelula Teatrul Libelulaun spectacol inedit pentru noi. Evenimentul este programat pentru 29 Octombrie pentru orele 10.30AM si 12.30PM. Parintii sunt si ei bineveniti, dar intr-un vagon alaturat, noi vom fi vedetele. Si , ca niste vedete ce suntem, profa ne-a pregatit un covor rosu pe care ne vom fotografia la coborarea din tren costumati in super costumele nostre de Holloween. Ne-a pregatit si ceva bun si ne va darui si un mic cadou… doar stiti ca nu plecam de la nici un eveniment cu mana goala, mereu gaseste profa cate un sponsor si nu doar ca ne vom distra, dar ne vom mai si intoarcem cu o mica amintire acasa…. Profa spunea ca mai sunt cateva locuri disponibile pentru trenul de la ora 10, asa ca daca va grabiti, poate mai reusiti sa va inscrieti…


Ce mai asteptati?!?

Event Halloween

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